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Final project

For the final project, you will contribute to the design-ai code base by submitting pull requests for one or more open issues in the project.

There are two projects for you to choose from:

Room layout based on subdivision

Dynamic space packing

You can work on as many issues as you like from one or both projects. Your work will be judged not on the number of issues you tackled but on the overall quality of your code and contribution.

To submit your work, please follow these steps for each issue:

  1. Fork this repo
  2. In your fork, create a new branch and call it your-uni/issue-number, for example dn2216/85 if I was submitting for
  3. Push all changes pertaining to the issue to the branch
  4. When you’re done, submit a pull request with the same name as your branch

Please remember to do these steps for each issue you want to submit work for. You should have a separate branch for each issue based on the main gh-pages branch, as well as a separate PR tied to each branch/issue.